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Let’s just skip the fluff and get to it. You can read more about me on the last page of this Report,
if you’re interested.
Let’s roll…
When designing a marketing funnel or campaign to generate new customers, I don’t think of
myself as a marketer…
I think of myself as an investor.
I’m investing in the acquisition of customers. In the acquisition of valuable assets. Assets that
have a certain value today… and a higher value over the coming weeks and months. It’s an
arbitrage play.
Today, a customer may spend $100 with my company. Over the next six months they may spend
another $3,000.
If I make wise investments, I invest a smaller amount today in acquiring a new customer, and
reap a larger amount in the future over the life of their patronage with my business.
As I see it, it’s akin to…
And, when buying customers, it’s all about a dollar out and more than a dollar in.
It’s all about simple math.
And the best marketers understand this.
In fact, the best marketers understand the entire game of marketing online is all about simple
math. About arithmetic. Numbers!
Yes, the success of your marketing campaigns, promotions, and funnels certainly involves your
understanding of psychology and communication.
But, making sense of what’s happening with your marketing — what’s working and what’s not
working — and your ability to make smart decisions, to fix things, optimize, improve sales
conversions, extract more and more profits, that… is all about the numbers.
That’s why the sharpest marketing minds on the planet agree…

In the following pages:
I’m going to teach you how the savviest direct response marketers are tracking and optimizing all
of their marketing campaigns and marketing funnels without relying on hunches, guesses, or
assumptions. This way, you no longer have to wonder what you should be doing to maximize any
marketing effort.
I’m also going to teach you how to use 4 simple “optimization metrics” to fix any unprofitable or
poorly performing marketing funnel. So you’re no longer hounded by the frustration of not
knowing what to do with a campaign that’s not working.
Plus, I’m also going to teach you how to test and measure the success of a brand new marketing
funnel… how and where to optimize it… and how and when to know when it’s time scale your
traffic for more and more customers and sales.
And if that wasn’t enough, I’m also going to tell you how to turn consistently unprofitable sources
of traffic into profitable sources of new customers. Yeah, sounds like an oxymoron, I know. But
hang with me and you’ll see how and why it works.

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